Please let us know if you are coming with children.
For your kids please give a donation depending on the age and your estimation.
Children from 16 are paying a normal ticket.

We will have a kids space with care takers.

As there is a small and still vivid river right at the edge of the location please bring water wings for your children for safety.
We will call upon every woman to have an eye on kids playing in the water. There has never been any occurence and we trust in the collective care-taking mother energy. Still we felt it was important to let you know about that.

Generally we claim self-responsibility for yourself and for your kids.

There will also be an exclusion of liability letter for everyone to sign at the beginning of the event.

We will organise delicious nourishment for you with all our love.
Also this location provides us with an osmose water filter.
The food will be most of all vegan, with some gluten-free (wheat-free) and raw options.
If you have a certain strict diet please let us know so we can hopefully take care of that.

The veggies will be delivered straight from a lovely biofarm near by Naturkost Lindenhof.



There will be a lot of space for tents on the soft grass and also we have group sleeping rooms available with limited matresses. You can also come with your own camping car. These options will have the same costs (‚Camping Pass‘) because the water costs, etc. will be the same.
There will be inside toilets with warm showers as well as outside eco compost toilets and an outside shower, besides the beautiful river to bath in.

If you are looking for room and space
for yourself there are many options to book a room in Einbeck, 10
minutes from the Huldersun Akademie by car or ca. 30min by bike. We have
a list of accommodation possibilities available to send to you. There are regular busses driving and probably we will have options to organize a shuttlebus/ car sharing.

We have put a lot of effort into balancing cost of location, a wholefood kitchen with experience of how to organise such a Gathering and thereby of course also following the risk holding high costs.
When we decided to host the event at this location including secured kitchen facilities and other comfortable and safe circumstances, it was clear that this would imply certain costs. The place is so wonderful and in our view clearly worth the money.
The vision is to organize an additional wilderness (Rainbow) Mother Roots Gathering next year, which would mean more freedom of money. So that women who live more or less money-free can also attend at such a Womens Gathering.

Here at this year’s Gathering our vision is to create a non-profit Gathering where some sisters that are able to pay a higher price and maybe even donate become ‘Guardians’ of the Gathering. This is balancing out the lower ticket prices and makes it possible for women to also achieve the ticket at low costs. If there is anybody who can not afford the ticket we will strive to find a solution within our present abilities.




Aisha Salem – Talk and Movement Session + Questions and Answers Session 

Serap Kara – Cacao Ceremony + Energy Exchange – Currency of Light

Saskia Baumgart – Female Voice, Power and Presence

Anna Muni – New Moon Ceremony + Qi Gong, Cheerokee Dance

Anja Mury – Inner Goddess

Ute Hüser – Healing of female Wounds

Anja C. Kiper – Source of Power – Sense, Feel, Remember

Sandra Irmscher – Free your Eros – Goddess Empowerment

Monika Barysch und Laura Walter – Yoniverse

Janina Harazim – 4 Elements Dance 

Raminara – Waters of the Moon

Eva Patzak – Mindful Touch

Lucia Czech – Sound Journey in the morning + Ritual: Constellation of her Ancestresses with Shamanic Integration

Liisa Fatuma – Sensuality: My “Yes” and “No”

Mona Alice – Morning Wave

Sherasad Connor – The development of Midwifery and culture of giving birth. From Midwifery in ancient times, the middleages and today

Ilka Pia Claren – Create your own Goddess Print (Handcraft Linoleum Cutting) 

Luisa Conti – Singingcircle in the morning and selfdefense-/ selfempowermentworkshop

Maria Staemm – Reveal the Healer in you – The Gifts of our native Plants

Katharina Erdmann – Circle of Power: Being born into Motherhood

Irina Pfeiffer – Wickerwork creating Connections, Spiral of Life, Light of Life

Charlotte Neumann – Healing inner Images


Saskia Baumgart aka SASPERELLA feat. LILIA – Solo-Sound-Healing-Konzert

ALA CYA – Inner Treasure Hunt Concert

Ana Hata – Medicine Song Concert

Kids Space

Paint, Play, Swim, Laugh, Sleep, Explore

Miriam Stannecker – Yoga for Kids

Laura Schwickerath – Yoga for Kids


*Day Tickets also possible now*



+ 7DAy FOOD PASS 105.00

+ 7DAy Sleeping Pass 84.00



+ 7DAy FOOD PASS 105.00




+ 7DAy FOOD PASS 105.00


You can find DAY TICKETS on our Ticket Website. For this also please Click on 'Tickets'.

*General cancellation policy:*
There is the possibility of a transfer to a another person of the already paid ticket. This will be done by the ticket holder. It is not possible anymore to get refund.


Many women enjoy these days to move safely and naturally. Each decides for herself how she deals with her body and clothing.

In principle, yes. By woman, however, we mean every living being that feels and lives itself as such. That means Trans-Gender women are very welcome.

In the community of the Huldersun Academy live a few men. For example, one of them would like to maintain his vegetable patch in the garden during the festival.

They are informed about the nature of the event and are generally very sensitive and kind to us women. Last year it worked very well.

The Gathering takes place in a village and it can always happen that a cyclist gets lost in the entrance.


There is also a safe space for us women in which there will be absolutely no men and we can unfold completely unobserved.


Sure. And of course your boys. For your kids we ask you for a self-estimated donation contribution. Thank you!

If you have a dear Doggy, which you don’t want to leave at home, or can’t and want to bring it with you, please write to us. We give around five dog passes, because we don’t want too many four-legged friends on the premises. And he should please be cat-friendly, since a dear cat lives on the property…

But of course. We are aware that many of you have regular working hours and are looking forward to your presence at the weekend! By the way, we still hope that you can take the days off so that we can grow together and flourish within our community as best and as long as possible.

Almost exclusively yes. We pay attention to a healthy wholefood diet, which will be completely vegan, with additionally signposted cow’s milk options.

That would be great. Some workshops will be offered. And whether this is yoga or not, such a mat and pillow is often quite practical. If you don’t have one, we have a few that we can lend out.