Dear ones, words can hardly describe how the time with you was for me - and that's what I say, as a journalist and storyteller who earns her living with words... "Magick, abundance, love, community, healing, empowerment, trust, intuition, flow." - I wrote that in my diary after the gathering. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for having created and kept this space so wonderfully - and that we could all go on our individual journeys together and yet each one of us individually. I have already told Viktoria how impressive and wonderful I find it, how she has dealt with the challenge of getting involved with the moment again and again, communicating and staying with herself - even if the pressure must have been immense. It is certainly not easy to endure the frustration of some people, to keep a cool head about things that don't run so smoothly, to keep a cool head about program changes and not to accept everything that is projected onto you. But I also know that this gathering is a team effort - and that all of you who have worked so tirelessly and patiently behind the scenes while on your own personal journey will be forgotten far too often. Therefore, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You can be proud of yourself. It is I. All the best from Berlin & until we meet again, Anett





As we gather in a safe and conscious space, held by every single woman who is present, there is space for everyone to share from deep inside.

Being witnessed with your truth in this environment, by women with compassion, healing is happening by itself individually and collectively. We believe that lived sisterhood, in which the love, respect and support can be felt, is a healing experience. Also the rituals that are held by healers are a chance to put an intention for healing the own femininity for ourselves as well as past and future generations.

As pain is stored in our bodies, there will be healing movements and sounds offers. Of course there will also be specific workshops you can attend – that will embrace healing on different levels.


Wonderful women will share their wisdom with other wonderful women in workshops almost every day.

As it is a beautiful chance to dive into a new experience and to find inspiration, we decided to invite women again who have great gifts to share.

At the same time, we are aware of how much wisdom there is already in the collective that wants to be exchanged. So this time, we decided to have more days in total to spend together and more open space to any one of you, of us, to share with the others.

Food / Cooking

For us it is an important value to have fresh and organic food that is nurturing and grounding us.

We are doing our best to offer seasonal and local food – valuing mother earth. We are cooperating with the lovely local organic farm Naturkost Lindenhof for fresh veggies, fruits and fresh bread.

Some women will support beforehand with the harvesting. The food will be most of all vegan, with some gluten-free and raw options. If you have a certain strict diet please let us know so we can hopefully take care of that. Also this location provides us with an osmose water filter.
Cooking with love is creating magic that is feeding over 100 women. If you feel the call to support us by sharing this gift with us, we are really happy to hear from you, as we are still looking for chefs. The woman in charge of the meal, get the support of other women, as many she needs to prepare the food. That is another of our values:

We are all responsible to create magic together, so every woman who feels that she can, we ask, to take over a task once in a while, like cutting veggies.


At Mother Roots Gathering we strive to bring into life a community of us women, sharing and nurturing our sacred Womenhood with one another.

In here, we want to start to live a sisterhood that supports the common good – that is appreciating, not competitive. Together we have the desire to build a foundation of new values. A network that is based on Authenticity, transparency and unconditional sister support.

Here is also the space to network with other women and to find out who lives nearby or what projects already exist. It is an opportunity to create a network that can pass these values on, outside of the gathering in everyday life.


Follow the Link below and tell us more about you.