Dear ones, words can hardly describe how the time with you was for me - and that's what I say, as a journalist and storyteller who earns her living with words... "Magick, abundance, love, community, healing, empowerment, trust, intuition, flow." - I wrote that in my diary after the gathering. I thank you all from the bottom of my heart for having created and kept this space so wonderfully - and that we could all go on our individual journeys together and yet each one of us individually. I have already told Viktoria how impressive and wonderful I find it, how she has dealt with the challenge of getting involved with the moment again and again, communicating and staying with herself - even if the pressure must have been immense. It is certainly not easy to endure the frustration of some people, to keep a cool head about things that don't run so smoothly, to keep a cool head about program changes and not to accept everything that is projected onto you. But I also know that this gathering is a team effort - and that all of you who have worked so tirelessly and patiently behind the scenes while on your own personal journey will be forgotten far too often. Therefore, thank you from the bottom of our hearts! You can be proud of yourself. It is I. All the best from Berlin & until we meet again, Anett



Our Mother Roots Team Sisters


In early 2018, when I saw a video of the Spirit Weavers Gathering in America for the first time I got the strong vision of organizing a big women’s gathering too here on my European roots. The call to revive the ancient energy of femininity led to the name Mother Roots, to a wonderful, enduring team and to the birth of a deep vision. To create a space where true sisterhood is lived, mothers and their children are supported, where deep encounter and exchange of skills takes place, as well as heartfelt ease and wild play. Besides my passion to organize and network together with beautiful beings, I create circle music with my ‘Colourful Tribe’, where I sing and dance deep out of my soul … and with all that … invocating for inner and outer medicine.


Founder – Organisation


I’m Alrun, and I’m going to do the Kidsspace for and with you. I myself am Mama from a small Eila and am very happy, that you mothers will enrich us with the presence of your children. I am currently living in a small witch’s house on the edge of the forest and am busy myself with my garden and herbal medicine. This year I will also start a training as a midwife. I am very much looking forward to the time together and the exchange with you and I am glad that through our Gathering a possibility for us Women created can enrich us mutually, to support us and to to develop further.




My name is Sina. I have been part of the Mother Roots team since last summer when I was unexpectedly and spontaneously allowed to take over the kitchen and thus the feeding of the women on the gathering. I am very grateful that Mother Roots – the vision, all the powerful, courageous and inspiring women and the process of bringing the world together – has come into my life and enriched it ever since. I am deeply touched by all the moments of connectedness, trust, beauty, joy and healing that I have experienced and witnessed during the Gatherings. It is my heart’s desire that we women reconnect with ourselves and each other to share our gifts and support each other to grow into our full potential. I am convinced that we can make a valuable contribution to the great change this world needs so much. My special heart and soul goes out to the mothers and our children and for this Gathering I care above all for their needs and well-being.



Hello there,
My name is Nora and I was born in March – Zodiac Fish, Ascendant Virgo. Since the beginning of Mother Roots 2018, I am part of the Orga- Team. The work there brings me much growth, such as gratitude for the great people I “work” with and meet 🙏 To open a space for all the healing that wants to happen, a gift to co-create. Another big aspect of my heart is my daily work in the care of a primary school in Reinickendorf.
There, at the Halloween party, the photo above was taken.  I went as an “Arsch Angel”.


Anja Mury

I am Anja, an ambassador of Inner Beauty. Since the beginning of Mother Roots Gathering in 2018 I have been supporting the core team. I also create the decoration for the Gathering. I put great emphasis on recycling old things and mainly using materials that come directly from nature in order to create in harmony with Mother Earth. At Mother Roots Gathering I grow more and more. I especially like the way we bring the Gathering into fruition together as a team, in the spirit of a community. We sit in a circle with sisters and discuss dream and feel together how best to create the Gathering for all women. With this kind of community organizing, we manifest our philosophy of life and help to bring it into the world.

Find out more about Anja Mury here: www.sunmoon-alchemy.com

Ambassador of Inner Beauty


I love expression. When we show each other our truth. To me, it is really important, that we learn to set our own boundaries again. Getting to know my yes and no. Independent from expectations of others. How do I feel? What do I really want? It is my concern to, therefore, create conscious and empowering rooms. As this one here at Mother Roots: Lived Sisterhood, honest encounters, deep relations, Mother Earth.

Kitchen, Orga

Serap Kara

Cacao was the gold and the currency of the Maya and Aztecs. In this workshop, we will look at money from a spiritual and loving perspective. Money is a teacher and a neutral bearer. We look at the history, the archetypes, global karmic imprints, the new energy of money and how also money wants to flow freely again.

Energy Exchange – Currency of Light

Britta He Luna

My name is Britta He Luna – Therapist, teacher & healer with a passion for dance and nature. I’ve been part of the Orga- Team since the beginning of 2018 and work a lot with IT matters and advertising. At the Gatherings I help out where I’m needed.



Teacher & Healer


We are still in a step-by-step process with building this beautiful community of sisters.

Thank you so much for all your support!

This is our Mother Roots Community Group in Facebook:https://www.facebook.com/groups/1454211604690800/

Special Thanks to Mira Michelle and Sacred Female Rising!

Also special thanks to Ute Hüser and the whole Huldersun Academy Community.

And thank you to Young Vision for the beautiful co-creation of the festivals at the Huldersun Academy.