28.07. - 04.08.2019




Mother Roots is a sacred gathering for women. A gathering to reclaim our roots, reconnect to the earth, the pulse of sisterhood, the tradition of feminine crafts and feminine healing.

Inspired by the “Spirit Weavers Gathering” in America and the wish to get together and live our womenhood.

We are sisters, mothers, visionaries, a collective of women of every age

You want to be part of our circle of sisters too … ?



As we gather in a safe and conscious space, held by every single woman who is present, there is space for everyone to share from deep inside.

Being witnessed with your truth in this environment, by women with compassion, healing is happening by itself individually and collectively. We believe that lived sisterhood, in which the love, respect and support can be felt, is a healing experience. Also the rituals that are held by healers are a chance to put an intention for healing the own femininity for ourselves as well as past and future generations.

As pain is stored in our bodies, there will be healing movements and sounds offers. Of course there will also be specific workshops you can attend – that will embrace healing on different levels.

Food / Cooking

For us it is an important value to have fresh and organic food that is nurturing and grounding us. We are doing our best to offer seasonal and local food – valuing Mother Earth. We are cooperating with the lovely local organic farm Naturkost Lindenhof for fresh veggies, fruits and fresh bread.

Some women will support beforehand with the harvesting. The food will be most of all vegan, with some gluten-free and raw options. If you have a certain strict diet please let us know so we can hopefully take care of that. Also this location provides us with an osmose water filter.
Cooking with love is creating magic that is feeding over 100 women. If you feel the call to support us by sharing this gift with us, we are really happy to hear from you, as we are still looking for chefs. The woman in charge of the meal, get the support of other women, as many she needs to prepare the food. That is another of our values:

We are all responsible to create magic together, so every woman who feels that she can, we ask, to take over a task once in a while, like cutting veggies.


At Mother Roots Gathering we strive to bring into life a community of us women, sharing and nurturing our sacred Womenhood with one another.

In here, we want to start to live a sisterhood that supports the common good – that is appreciating, not competitive. Together we have the desire to build a foundation of new values. A network that is based on Authenticity, transparency and unconditional sister support.

Here is also the space to network with other women and to find out who lives nearby or what projects already exist. It is an opportunity to create a network that can pass these values on, outside of the gathering in everyday life.


Summer Event
28.7.2018 - 4.8.2018

“Thanks to all the brave, strong women who were there. It was a real celebration for us, with a loving, earthy depth, to next year with even more bigger and smaller Mother Roots Gatherings!


Winter Event
20.12.2018 - 23.12.2018

We hope you had lovely, heart-encountering celebration days to the newborn light. Just as we had at the solstice and full moon together with all these great sisters at the Winter Solstice Mother Roots Gathering ❤️

It was a very deep going time for many of us.
We are grateful from the bottom of our hearts for this meeting of such powerful sisters, mothers and children. For this space of such deep encounter and connection with women. And for space for their beautiful children.

May we continue to carry the light in us  and at the same time now find peace and contemplation, especially now for the rough nights/ 12 days of christmas.

And may we soon come together again as sisters!

Ahey 💫

A place to strengthen your inner goddess.

our offerings:

xx Workshops xx ceremonies xx teachers xx sharing their beautiful offerings: dance, crafts, music, rituals to  open,  feel,  heal Together. In a sacred space.

Donate today and be part of our growing community.

All the workshop teachers come free of charge and contribute their workshops. Because of the other high costs, we have no financial capacity for payments / energy compensation, but would like to give these women an appreciation for their commitment, for example in the form of a small expense allowance and for this we are dependent on donations.